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Limp Clouds, zmiksowane oraz zmasterowane przez Witchshifter Studio.

Limp Clouds – Limp Clouds

Out 17.10.2020

Miks + Master

Misanthur Ephemeris - nagrane, zmiksowane oraz zmasterowane przez Witchshifter Studio. Reamping gitar oraz basu - Czyściec Studio

Misanthur – Ephemeris

Out 15.10.2021

Nagrywanie + Miks + Master

“Ephemeris takes elements of industrial torture and ambient drone and combines them with the rapid riffing of black metal to create a wholly unwelcome atmosphere that drips anxiety, fury, and despair.  The Serpent Crawls takes spoken word and the ethos of black metal to its extreme, from speed to the sort of stop-start anger that the genre excels in when it brings in some slower elements and the chest pummelling double kicks.”

Review by SPARKY – Metal Roos

“Guitars, synths and drums surge like an angry ocean, melding multiple sonic influences into a heavy stew of sinister atmospheric activities dumping cinders out of your speakers.”

Review by Corinne Westbrook – Metal Injection