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mix & mastering service

Here your music plays the first role


From pre-mix & repairing of individual tracks (timing corrections, gating, noise reducing, vocals corrections & tuning – also autotune), balancing instruments, through the psychoacoustic elements – delays, reverbs, ending on EQ & compression.

All of this (and many, many other elements not mentioned here) add up to the mix and ultimately affect the reception of the track and make it sound the best it can be.


Perfect reproduction of the sound of the mix and the song on any medium (equipment
Hi-Fi, laptop speakers, smartphone, radio, streaming, etc.) is the main goal and assumption of mastering.

In addition, the process of mastering the disc also includes such activities as determining the length of gaps between tracks on the disc, coding PQ, ISRC codes, etc. or the final touches of the tracks.

Arrangements & more

In addition to mixing and mastering online, I also produce & write songs, I can also play live instruments such as electric guitar or bass, as well as program or humanize drums or synthesizers.

Professional online mix & mastering studio Witchshifter

I’m glad you’re here!

Are you looking for a professional online mixing and / or mastering of your material, but at the same time you want it to sound original and unique?

After recording, your tracks are noisy or you need to correct some shortcomings (phase shifts, mistakes, bad timing), and your mix sounds flat and you want to “tweak” it before you show it to the world?

Or maybe you need an arrangement or a session musician or a producer, or you need to program or humanize the percussion parts?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” – it’s great that you found me!

Why me?

I offer the highest quality services in which your satisfaction and the end result are the most important.

I do not stop without achieving full satisfaction – if corrections are possible – they will be applied, at no extra charge.
I myself am happy to suggest diversions or changes, be it arrangement or technical, as long as they are to serve the good of your musical piece.

Moreover and most of all – I love music with all my heart and we will certainly find here a thick thread of understanding, especially in genres such as rock, metal (including and above all its more extreme varieties), jazz, pop, trap or rap, techno and electronics. , and various, more experimental forms, such as ambient, noise and many others.

Why using Witchshifter master & mix services? Because they are the best!
Start cooperation with recording studio Witchshifter

How to start

Write me an e-mail and send the paths prepared in accordance with guidelines through the wetransfer at

We will definitely come to an agreement and we will fruitfully determine all the details of our cooperation, your goals and expectations regarding my implementation.


Misanthur Ephemeris

Season of Mist

1. Enter the Void
2. Dense Mental Trace
3. On the Heights of Despair
4. Essence
Black Clouds & No Silver Linings
6. Ephemeris
7. The Serpent Crawls
8. Crush the Stone with the Sea

HellScythe – Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers, Drums
Draugr – Bass, Drums

Genre: Black Metal, Post Black Metal, Doom Metal, Dark Ambient

Limp Clouds Limp Clouds

  1. Block Out
  2. Seduction
  3. In the Breeze
  4. Departure
  5. Azalea
  6. Skyscrapers
  7. Finish Line
  8. Only One

Avi Washington
Kenny McGuire
Ant Everest

Genre: Electronic

Limp Clouds Profile facebook

Thanks to Witchshifter Studio for mixing and mastering. Working together was a real pleasure.

Limp Clouds – Link

“Guitars, synths and drums surge like an angry ocean, melding multiple sonic influences into a heavy stew of sinister atmospheric activities dumping cinders out of your speakers.”

Corinne Westbrook – Metal Injection

Let’s create something together!

Why release good music when you can release great music?

I am flexible:
we can work remotely, online or even meet for sessions,
I provide full professionalism, easy contact, original and unique ideas and a great atmosphere.
Don’t hesitate! Let’s go!

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